What is the difference between BOSIET AND TBOSIET?

  • BOSIET is the full global course which certifies you to work offshore anywhere in the world, whilst TBOSIET is limited to Tropical warm water operating areas. These are those areas within the geographical domain of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. However, areas outwith this domain with a consistent water temperature in excess of 15 degrees Celsius may also be included. 

If I possess a TBOSIET certificate, but I am required to work in a Temparate (Cold) country, do I have to do over the three (3) days for BOSIET?

  • No you do not, we offer a half day Bridging Element course which will upgrade your TBOSIET to a BOSIET.

Will i have to pay for lunch?

  • We provide lunch free of charge on all our courses with a duration of one (1) day or more

What will i need to take along with me on the course?  

  • You will need to come along with photographic identification (national identification, passport or driving licence). Falck Safety Services shall provide all delegate equipment and PPE for the training course. However, delegates are expected to provide the following from the FIRST day of training when applicable to their training: 
    • Swimwear to wear underneath your coveral
    • A towel
    • Swim goggles if contact lenses MUST be worn in the pool
    • A pair of socks to wear with safety boots.

My current certificate has just expired, will I have to resit the entire course again?

  • If you happen to miss the 4 year renewal date ypu will be required to retake the 3-day course again.

Is it possible to fail the offshore survival course, or any others?

  • Yes, very rarely delegates do not meet the requirement to receive their certification at the end of a course. However, due to the nature and attitude of our instructors, we aim to guide you through the course and show competence, as opposed to making it a difficult 'challenge'. All courses include an assessment process whereby you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of what you have learnt. 

Do I need a medical to complete the offshore survival course?

  • You will not be required to undertake a medical prior to attending the course but you will need a mecial to work offshore. Prior to training commencing you will fill out a medical questionaire approved by our company doctor, this is designed to identify any issues of concern. 
  • If you have a history of medical problems (e.g. heart attack, angina, stroke, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, recent surgery, and/or recent musculoskeletal injuries) it is advisable to undertake a medical prior to attending the course. 

I did my last Offshore Basic Safety course at one of your competitors; can I now do my refresher with Falck Safety Services this time?

  • Yes, there is no requirment for training at one of our competitors at the same accredited centre as it was previously, This is provided that the previous certification was the OPITO approved BOSIET, TBOSIET, FOET or TFOET. 

What should I expect to do on my offshore survival?

  • The thought of doing your offshore survival for the first time can be quite daunting; however our instructors make this experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible. Contents of the course can be found by clicking here. 

Can i do courses online?

  • Unfortunately, we do not provide any of our courses online. However, we provide Computer Based Training; at your convenience you are able to undertake these courses at our facility. A list of these courses can be found by clicking here. 

Can i pay in installments?

  • We will take your details when taking your booking and you can make a down payment followed by installments but full payment should be made on arrival for your course.

Do I need to be a swimmer?

  • No, you don't need to be a swimmer to take our courses; we have highly trained instructors that will take care of you every step of the way, just remember to say when you book your course.


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