Emergency Response

Imagine the worst happened – your business not able to operate, everything you routinely take for granted suddenly gone – how well prepared is your organization? Reduction of risk and proper emergency preparedness at all levels of an organization contributes to minimizing the possibility of business interruption.
With this in-depth knowledge, Falck Nutec Crisis Management teams will work with our clients' management teams, often at board level, to assist in the development of strategic plans and emergency response systems.
Falck Nutec can also provide a wide range of services, including assessment of current arrangements, planning activities, looking at existing and requires resources and assessing the competence of personnel at the end of this process. In reality this is a continual cycle of activity required to keep businesses prepared for any eventuality.
Among courses available are:
  • Management of Major Emergency's (MEM) OPITO Approved
  • Control Room Operator (controlling emergency) response training and assessments OPITO Approved
  • Incident Management Team IMT training
  • OIM Controlling Emergency…. response training and assessments OPITO Approved

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